Great Britain should look closely at how Venezuela’s democracy has been destroyed

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to London and participate in an activity prepared by the Venezuelan community living in Great Britain. The intention of that gathering, which was also held in many other major cities in world was, and still is, to universally, publicly, and undoubtedly show the atrocities of the dictatorial regime that has been in power in Venezuela since 1999. A totalitarian regime that used and abused the ideas of the socialism to get into power, as it did, invading all the democratic institutions, armed forces, police, judicial and economic system, all with no other desire than to remain in power at any cost, even the blood and life of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans.

During that activity I was interviewed and asked about how our country was devastated as the idea spread worldwide that the “well-intentioned government, saviour of the poor from the evil of capitalism, made Venezuelan society richer, healthier, and happier.” I was asked why if socialism or communism was so great – they are the same with regards to the denial of the individual person and their values – we were all complaining. Then I was told that one of the candidates running for Prime Minister in the UK declares himself as an admirer of Hugo Chavez, his work and his “legacy”. As recently as 2013, the Islington MP paid tribute to controversial Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

I personally do not know Jeremy Corbyn, but there are some things I am hundred percent sure about him, and there are other areas where I still have doubts:

I am very sure that he doesn’t know me at all. We haven’t met, there is no possible way we have ever discussed any ideas about politics, economics, social, law, constitution, democracy or any other matter.

On the contrary, I have strong doubts about him really knowing Hugo Chavez, especially after I was told that he declares himself a follower of Chavez. Did Corbyn really know Chavez and his legacy? This leads us to two possibilities, but neither of them seem to be good ones.

In the first scenario, Corbyn and Chavez knew each other very well and they admired each other, and have the same ideas about politics, economy, human rights, democracy, liberty, prosperity, and so on. In the second scenario, Corbyn and Chavez did not know each other well, or rather Corbyn did not know Chavez, especially his REAL, work, his legacy. Then, like many others, Corbyn would be just another victim of the lies and the fallacies of what is called socialism in the 21st century.

I can’t in any way give advice or recommendations, and would not dare to express political opinions concerning a society in which I haven’t lived. I don’t have any relation to the UK whatsoever, other than some reading of its authors, its history, and maybe a couple of visits. I have no direct knowledge to give an opinion concerning British politics, and I am not pretending to do so.

Regarding Venezuela and the dictatorial regime stated by Chavez in 1999, I can for sure give my opinion of his work and legacy. His legacy is none other than death, crime, hunger, destruction, illness, lack of democracy, corruption, and many other issues. I live here, studied here and work here. My ancestors and I witnessed the destruction of the country, so I think my opinion about the Venezuela situation and Chavez’s legacy could be considered more reliable than Corbyn’s.

I cannot answer whether Corbyn truly knew Chavez, or if he realises that in 18 years, Chavez and his legacy completely destroyed the country, its economy, the security, the nation’s general health and welfare, and all that is the consequence of the socialism Chavez claimed was the path to follow. It would be illogical and dangerous that a person in Venezuela, Great Britain, France, United States, France or any other country that aspires to an important office, should identify with the Chavez regime and its barbarity.

On the other hand, we can also assume that Corbyn never knew the real Chavez, his legacy of destruction, the dictatorship; in this case, it is also very dangerous that some people could believe Chavez’s lies and wrongly believe that Venezuela is the seventh heaven on earth. It is not – we are now living through hell.

As I previously mentioned, I don’t personally know Mr. Corbyn, but if I did and if I had the opportunity to ask him a couple questions, I would ask him something like:

Did you know that democracy and economy in Venezuela was destroyed by the Socialism promoted by Chavez?

Did you know that people have to eat discomposing garbage directly from the garbage cans and trucks?

Did you know that Venezuela is the most corrupt country in the Americas and is among the worst 3 countries evaluated. There are no courts of justice, not even one tribunal that isn’t corrupted.

That is the most dangerous country due to criminality?

That there are no medicines, or medical attention, and all the reports given by the regime are false?

That freedom of expression is prohibited and the free and democratic media cannot make public the regime’s violations? 

Do you think that in Great Britain and the rest of the world the people should know what´s happening right now in Venezuela?

Do you know that at this exact moment while I’m writing this article, and while it is being read, there are students, mothers, older people, professionals and workers being killed by the National Guard and irregular armed groups that support the regime, only for asking for overdue elections, food, medicines, security and electricity?   

What do you think about Chavez and its legacy now?

One last thing…

Would you like to verify this and give to your followers the most accurate idea?

Let’s do something. I went to London and I freely walked its streets and got a feel for the city and UK society, again a very general overview and not enough to make a political opinion. Why don’t you come here, be my guest and see with your own eyes the real Chavez legacy, would you come and do it? [Editor-in-Chief’s note: Roberto, we do want to make a documentary about the legacy of Chavez, but sadly we do not currently have the budget for international trips.]

Whatever Corbyn’s opinions of Venezuela’s dictators are, I guess there is no problem at all in openly declaring your opinion about Venezuela being a dictatorship and all the oppression and deaths of the recent weeks.



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