#JusticeForChelsey. Shame on Amber Rudd

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Friday evening, Andrew, a fellow supporter of the People’s Charter of 2016, and myself, were headed up the motorway to the opposite end of England. We had been moved by Tommy Robinson’s video about the police inaction after Muslims gang raped Chelsey Wright, a mother of three in Sunderland. Watching that video, anger rushed through my veins, and by the end, I was almost in tears.

Despite DNA evidence, traces of rohypnol, and bruising to her groin, no conviction has been made. Any jury would deem such to be rape, and it’s time the case came before court. However, the attackers are Syrian “refugees” – yes, those asylum seekers who have passed about 10 safe countries on their way to the UK. It’s not enough for France to offer them food and housing; they heard that Britain has more benefits.

I find myself increasingly disappointed with Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, who not only as the minister responsible for the British police forces, is answerable for the lack of prosecution, but also the arrest of Robinson on pathetic grounds. He stood outside the court, as journalists do all the time. Moreover, Billy Charlton, organiser of the march has been arrested that morning. Rudd’s stamp down on free speech is rather reminiscent of 1930s Germany, where the press is silenced if it reveals police failings.

Also, as the minister running the Home Office, she is responsible for immigration, something Theresa May was not exactly strong on while in the same role. The state should put its people first, not fake asylum seekers, especially while we have already significant unemployment, as well as many communities that have not integrated. Rudd comes from the dripping wet liberal faction of the Tory party, and just like Blair, and Clegg, appears to lack any convictions or pride in Britain.

These are career politicians, sycophants, who care only for fame and money. In stark contrast, there stood Tommy Robinson. A man of courage, with real convictions, who having experienced the effect of grooming gangs on his own family, spoke with true passion and concern for the people. Despite attempts to murder him in prison, he spoke the truth, while many of our leaders would cower to political correctness, resort to virtue signalling.

The same weakness that means they look the other way, fearful of being called ‘racist’, when Muslim gangs attack British women. Rape figures soar, as does terrorism, and the government choses to look the other way. To cover up. The state propaganda machine, the BBC, has yet to comment on this matter. We are living in an Orwellian police state.

Robinson, Waters, and other speakers bravely made clear their frustration with how since the 1990s, when Labour opened the doors with immigration, Britain has become flooded with migrants who do not necessarily respect our values or show any effort to integrate. Amber Rudd has failed to reverse the “import a liberal voter” policy highlighted by Labour top man Andrew Neather, where they realised migrants as a demographic vote left.

In fact, speaking of politicians, who was at the rally? No one from the Conservatives, Labour, LibDems, and, as commented on by speakers, not even UKIP, supposedly the anti-establishment party. Surely Nuttall should be giving a press release on this failing by the CPS. However, present at the march was Anne Marie Waters, blocked by the UKIP leader from standing for UKIP, for not being politically correct. Desperate to unite kippers, from former Labour and Tory backgrounds, looking for centre-ground, Nuttall appears keen to fill the New Labour void left since Blair’s premiership ended and Corbyn swung the reds far-left.

The truth Robinson and Waters speak is painful to the liberal elite, too hard to process, and thus the cognitive dissonance. People naturally hate change and want to stay in their bubble, in fantasy land, ignoring the painful reality. They would sooner pretend Robinson’s accent means he is naive, a football hooligan. However, his remarks are not so different to those of the smooth-toned Douglas Murray. If just a handful of people in government could be so frank as Robinson, Murray, or Waters, if they could find such patriotism, Britain would be great again.




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Luke is the Director of the People's Charter Foundation, and the Editor-in-Chief of the RedPill Factory. When he isn't leading protests against the BBC, or speaking at Brexit rallies, he is sneaking into alt-left meetings, despite sometimes being punched, to report on the evil of Marxism.