Tommy Robinson Arrested After Criticising Muslim Paedophiles

Americans do not realise that Britain is a police state with no free speech. A reporter for The Rebel has been arrested for commenting on police failure to charge Islamic rape gangs that target British women, including children.

Tommy Robinson has been arrested at his home at 04:30 this morning, because he reported for The Rebel on a court case in Canterbury. The ongoing trial has heard workers at 555 Pizza and Kebab takeaway in Ramsgate are alleged to have raped a 16-year-old girl.

Filming himself on his phone, Robinson said: ‘It’s 04.32 and the police are at my house, and I’m being arrested for going to a court case in Canterbury and trying to video the Muslim paedophiles.’

Tommy has been accused of being in breach of under section 41 of the Criminal Justice Act 1925 and the Contempt of Court Act. Crown courts are open to the press but any filming and recording of courts and court precincts is illegalCan you imagine any other journalist treated this way? Any other writer would probably have been sent a police interview letter and would not be dragged out of their bed at 04:30 in the morning.

On several occasions Tommy has been arrested on dubious charges that are later dropped. The effect is to stop him speaking at a particular meeting or attend a particular demonstration. Currently, Tommy is due to speak at the ‘Justice For Chelsey’ rally in the North East of England. The ‘Chelsey’ case is one that that Northumbria Police are desperate for people to stop talking about because it shows the local police force, crippled by fear of being called racist, failed to act on rape evidence.

Chelsey, for those who don’t know is a young mum who alleged that she was raped by a gang of Muslim ‘refugees’. The police mishandled the investigation and the Crown Prosecution Service refused to proceed with charges against the alleged rapists.

This case also exposes to wider public view, the problem of Islamic grooming gangs, proving right the warning Tommy has been giving for years. When 1,500 little girls were raped by Islamic grooming gangs in Rotherham, the police did not take action, but when a journalist stands on court steps, they manage to find police to call round in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, Female Genital Mutilation is not being investigated or prosecuted by either the police or the CPS.

It seems we pay tax money for the the police and the CPS to scare journalists away from reporting on the news. The police state are cracking down on alternate media coverage of Islamic grooming gangs. Tommy has been punished for wanting to protect children from paedophiles.

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Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed in this article are those of the author, and not necessarily of MBGA News.

Written by Luke Nash-Jones

Luke is the Director of the People's Charter Foundation, and the Editor-in-Chief of MBGA News. When he isn't leading protests against the BBC, or speaking at Brexit rallies, he is sneaking into alt-left meetings, sometimes at the cost of a beating, to report on the evil of Marxism.

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