Nationalism is on the Rise, regardless of a Le Pen win

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I was in a livestream with members of the People’s Charter during the first round of the French elections. It was a truly momentous occasion and I couldn’t have spent it with a better bunch. Yet when it came to me declaring “Nationalism had won” it seemed I was approaching the Overton window. But this has been the case for a while and Le Pen’s victory in the first round has simply helped cement it.

Nationalism, like Luke Nash-Jones rightly said, is a linear spectrum, whether prasticed by the left or the right. Sinn Fein for example is nationalist, just a more selective kind. The Labour party was also very Nationalist. Clement Attlee even quoted from William Blake, declaring, after his 1945 electoral victory, that “I will not cease from Mental Fight, nor shall my sword sleep in my hand till we have built Jerusalem, in England’s green and pleasant Land.”
Politicians even now, whether knowingly or not, occasionally evoke the feeling of nationalism when referring to “Our Parliament” and “Our Democracy”. I’ve seen George Galloway both extol Nationalism and denounce it, depending on who he talks to.

Many politicians did this because, if they didn’t, those who did would take command of the polls and the greatest mistake society ever made was to let them forget that. Nationalism is merely prioritising one’s people and culture above all else. It was in the absence of nationalism that today’s crony corporatism was formed and far from being the cause of war, nationalism seems to have been the only thing stopping it. Would Blair have wasted the lives of his own people if he owed any respect to them? Would there be such a broken welfare state if the state put the people first?

These question are at last being asked.

You may disagree with her fiscal policy, you may even think she will lose but regardless, Le Pen, a Nationalist, has beaten two establishment candidates and has breached a record for her party. The second round won’t be a walk-over like 2002. People will have to ask themselves the tough questions; most importantly they’ll have to ask: “Is Nationalism that bad?”
With the truth, the innate realities of nationhood and a growing popular movement on the Patriot’s side, it looks to be that Nationalism is finally influencing the zeitgeist.

But don’t think it will be a walk in the park. From the look of Berkeley, London and the staunch resistance of the Liberal Elite elsewhere, we might not live to see a Nationalist Europe. Furthermore it looks to be a far deadlier endeavour than first thought. Though we in Britain have mostly avoided violence so far, talks of civil war in America have been circulating for some time and with Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos looking to make another strike at Berkeley, it looks to reach a new fervour.

Like I always say, only time will tell if this has all come down to naught.



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