Who is Pepe? Kek?

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(You can read here about The Republic of Kekistan)

Who is Pepe the Frog?

Around 2010, a sad-looking cartoon frog, Pepe, began to trend among posters on 4chan.org and similar “underground” imageboards. Pepe has become adored by right-wing patriots and seen as their mascot.

Despite lefties attempts to demonise him, Pepe is not a white supremacist symbol but a symbol of the political right. Even Donald Trump has tweeted a meme of Pepe, and the mascot triggered Hilary, resulting in a speech where she ranted about frogs.

What is Kek?

Kek is a god from Egyptian mythology, who has the head of a frog. Hence, patriots claim Kek must be their deity. He was seen as that which occurred before light, thus was known as the bringer-in of light.

Some even say the Egyptians foretold the arise of meme magic:

The sound “kek” is an odd technicality involving the Korean language and the popular video game World of Warcraft – it means laughter, just as “lol” does, and has become part of the whole Pepe identity.

British Order of Kek:

Some members of the Young Chartists call the Chartists movement the “British Order of Kek”. The flag of the Order features Celtic-style cross and the Kek insignia.

The flag of the Order of Kek:



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